Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hi Dear Reader…

Warm wishes from Scotland and welcome to my world! So, you have stumbled upon my website…which means you might be a huge mystery fan or you have wandered here accidently…either way, I am delighted to meet you!

Please allow me to introduce myself…as a famous Stone once said! My name is Nic Winter, and I’m a Scottish mystery writer. I have just released my debut mystery novel entitled A Season to Kill (you might have noticed the cover on the front page of this very website) which is the first outing for my protagonist Darcy Sinclair.

So…a little about me?

Well, you might have guessed that I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan and I always say that she was my very first introduction into the mystery genre. My mum placed Death on the Nile into my little hands when I was ten and bed bound recovering from having my appendix removed…trust me, Dame Agatha brought a lot of joy into my life that week! Who would have thought that having your appendix removed would somehow connect the dots to becoming a mystery writer later in life…but that is what I now call a plot twist!

In all honesty, I had been writing for as long as I can remember, but after reading Death on the Nile, my childhood observations suddenly had characters and plots and twist and turns…and more importantly? Yes, they had a killer at large.

Fast forward a few years (and an entire collection of Agatha Christie books finished and left dog eared behind me) I had my very first encounter with a serial killer – not in person I am super grateful to add, but via reading The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule. Well, dear reader, that was it for this potential mystery writer…I embarked on a lifelong journey into the interest of psychology and becoming a fully-fledged observer of human nature! It turns out that this blends in perfectly for honing your skills as a mystery writer.

I am a huge lover of books, particularly the mystery and psychological thriller genre and I’m a lifelong lover of horror movies. Yes, I was the kid that managed to sit through Halloween and Friday the 13th without covering her face with her hands…and at way to young an age too I might add.

According to my humble opinion…Dr Indiana Jones is the coolest guy to ever walk the face of the earth, but I digress and shall revisit this topic for another entry on another day!

So dear Reader…I shall leave you here for now…but please do check back as I shall return to tell you all about my main character Darcy Sinclair and her little haven of Cedarwood…potentially the most murderous place in Scotland.

Love, Nic

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